Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins finally gets vaccinated

After much drama, Andrew Wiggins got vaccinated and will be available to play all Warriors games.Image: Getty Images Golden State Warriors’ forward Andrew Wiggins is finally vaccinated. With the NBA […]

The narcissism of Nets’ Kyrie Irving and NBA anti-vaxxers is inhumane

Stop talking.Illustration: Brooklyn Nets This wasn’t supposed to happen. Quite frankly, it’s mind-boggling that we’re even here. And by here, I mean this moment in which the beginning of the […]

A tribute to the omnipresent NBA stars who never played a minute

Image: Getty Images It’s been a month after he was traded to Brooklyn and maybe we owe him an apology. There was a widespread belief that Simmons’ unwillingness to play […]

IDIOT OF THE YEAR: The worst of 2021

5. Urban Meyer, who kicked the kicker and screwed the pooch Illustration: Getty Images In 2021, following the franchise’s worst performance in it’s 26-year history, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally got […]

40 of the dullest tools from 2021’s shed

11. Ron DeSantis Illustration: Getty Images Ron DeSantis is a turd. The foulest of turds. Ron DeSantis is the type of foul turd that a person with no appreciation for […]