Who would win? Pitchers or position players?

Shohei OhtaniPhoto: Getty Images Baseball is wacky nowadays. Just a few nights ago we watched Tampa Bay outfielder Brett Phillips pitch to reigning AL MVP Shohei Ohtani. The very next […]

Rewriting Tom Murphy’s narrative to make him sound like an All-Star

Tom Murphy is a killer vs. lefthanded pitchers.Image: Getty Images Welcome to Narrative Ball, a series dedicated to pointing out some lesser known players and changing the narrative surrounding them […]

The Phillies outfield will likely be very bad in 2022

Joe Girardi and the Phillies stand for the anthem at Spring Training.Photo: Getty Images When in the NL East, and having designs on competing to win it, the natural conclusion […]

LaMonte Wade Jr. did not deserve an NL MVP vote

LaMonte Wade Jr. had a nice season, but an MVP candidate he is not.Image: Getty Images Come here. Sit down. Let’s have a talk. I’m not angry, just disappointed. Last […]