Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn become pillars of WrestleMania

On a night and weekend that is meant to celebrate the sheer enormity of WWE–the bombast, the cultural reach, the money, the sheer scale of it all–it was two guys […]

Cody Rhodes to main event Wrestlemania 39 despite no substance

There’s a bit in my favorite stand-up special of all time, Suzy Eddie Izzard’s Dress To Kill, where she mocks most Americans for not knowing the lyrics to the national […]

Sami Zayn-Roman Reigns feud ends with another WWE dud

WWE continues to beat a dead horseGif: WWE Let’s start by being complimentary. It’s a new thing for me but I’m getting old and trying to evolve before my cholesterol […]

WWE’s Royal Rumble hit most of the right notes

Roll your eyes if you saw this coming.Image: Getty Images You’d be forgiven if you thought that WWE falls into its best long-term storytelling by accident, including in last night’s […]

WWE sold to Saudi Arabia, Stephanie McMahon resigns: report

(From left) Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Paul “Triple H” LevesquePhoto: Getty Images If Vince McMahon has indeed sold WWE to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, well, that’s something every […]

IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 4: Vince McMahon

Illustration: Getty Images Wrestling fans never thought they’d see the day. Vince McMahon is no longer the mover and shaker of professional wrestling. The former chairman and CEO of WWE, […]