LSU fires Will Wade for multiple NCAA infractions

Will Wade is finally out at LSU.Photo: Getty Images It took way too long to oust Will Wade from his place atop LSU men’s basketball, but the deserved guillotine finally […]

Kentucky women take down South Carolina to win SEC Championship

Kentucky’s Rhyne Howard, right, and Blair Green celebrate after Kentucky beat South Carolina to win the NCAA women’s college basketball Southeastern Conference tournament championship game.Image: AP For the first time […]

SEC shines as Auburn takes No. 1 spot on men’s college basketball ranking

      Look who’s No. 1 in the nation.   Image: Getty Images     The Southeastern Conference doesn’t have a plan only to dominate in football. The league’s […]

IDIOT OF THE YEAR: The worst of 2021

5. Urban Meyer, who kicked the kicker and screwed the pooch Illustration: Getty Images In 2021, following the franchise’s worst performance in it’s 26-year history, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally got […]

40 of the dullest tools from 2021’s shed

11. Ron DeSantis Illustration: Getty Images Ron DeSantis is a turd. The foulest of turds. Ron DeSantis is the type of foul turd that a person with no appreciation for […]