Free agent pitcher Justin Verlander looks good on the comeback trail

Guess who’s hitting the free agent market?Image: Getty Images The 2022 MLB offseason is filled with outstanding free agents. With studs like Kevin Gausman, Freddie Freeman, Max Scherzer, Marcus Semien, […]

The San Francisco Giants cannot catch the baseball

It’s a simple game: You catch the ball … well, never mind.Image: Getty Images There was always going to be a bit of a comedown from a 107-win season for […]

The San Francisco Giants are a study in patience

Who saw this coming?Illustration: Getty Images I had about four different drafts of this in my head before I actually sitting down (or in my case, stand up, as I […]

San Francisco Giants hitting less home runs, winning less games

Brandon Crawford and the Giants are hitting far fewer home runs than last year.Image: Getty Images Fresh off a franchise-best 107-win season, nobody expected the San Francisco Giants to repeat […]

MLB veterans who could be traded during the 2022 season

With the addition of two additional playoff teams in 2022, combined with the measures the new CBA takes to prevent teams from tanking, more teams than ever should think they […]

The most intriguing player from every MLB team in 2022

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