Denver Nuggets trouncing Lakers to prove top-tier NBA status

Before this series, if you’d asked most people who would advance to the NBA Finals between the Lakers and their nameless opponents, they would have responded with a rhetorical question. […]

How did these teams fare in NFL draft after giving up early picks?

BrrrrrrrtPhoto: AP The NFL Draft is easily the second-most important event on the league’s annual calendar, with most teams that privately know they won’t be close to winning the Super […]

Don’t count out the NBA Western Conference’s top-seeded teams

A large swath of NBA media is out on the top seeds in the Western Conference — and it makes sense, because, for the first time since the 1996-97 season, […]

Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford reportedly being shopped

The Los Angeles Rams are reportedly shopping QB Matt StaffordPhoto: Butch Dill (AP) There’s one quarterback situation in the NFL that one would think is worthy of endless speculation. He’s […]

Nikola Jokić is Denver’s only All-Star?

Nikola Jokić is a hell of an All-Star, but for Denver, he’s the only one.Photo: AP Nikola Jokić’s season has been one for the ages. The Denver Nuggets are first […]

A Denver Nuggets-Memphis Grizzlies Western Conference Finals?

Image: AP If you directly asked the NBA powers how they would feel about a Memphis Grizzlies–Denver Nuggets matchup in the Western Conference Finals, I think they’d offer a “We’d […]

SoFi fans were wiping out during Georgia and TCU

Rainy days at SoFi always get me down.Image: Getty Images Someone should have told the designers of SoFi Stadium that “It never rains in Southern California,” by Tony! Toni! Toné!, […]

Bronco’s Aaron Patrick suing ESPN, Rams, NFL for injury

Aaron Patrick is suing everybody over his torn ACL.Image: Getty Images By signing an NFL contract, players assume a significant risk. Injury is commonplace in all athletics, but football is […]

Raiders’ first-round draft picks have been putrid, a history

Johnathan Abram did quite get it done in Las Vegas.Image: Getty Images Yesterday, after failing to find a trade partner, the Las Vegas Raiders cut former first-round safety Johnathan Abram. […]

Like LeBron, Migos, NBA hipsters were on the Nuggets before you

Will Barton and Michael Porter, Jr. Image: Getty Images Fun fact about the Denver Nuggets: They might have more trendy NBA Twitter fans than actual hometown supporters. While the hipster […]