Why would any NBA team want Nets Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie IrvingImage: Getty Images Eventually, some time way down the road, after amassing hundreds of millions of dollars, Kyrie Irving is going to get his. By that point though, it’ll […]

Kyrie Irving has his finger on Brooklyn Nets’ dead man’s switch

“Trade me”Image: Getty Images A dull day with the Brooklyn Nets is merely the calm before a Kyrie Irving storm. On Friday afternoon, the Nets star point guard added another […]

Kyrie Irving wants Brooklyn Nets to trade him before deadline

Image: AP Brooklyn Nets heat magnet and resident conspiracy theorist Kyrie Irving wants the team to deal him elsewhere prior to the NBA trade deadline or he’ll leave as a […]

Women’s leagues WNBA, etc. have ushered in sports’ golden age

Image: Getty Images Choosing between women’s and men’s sports is a false choice. If you’re a certain blogger for Glenn Beck’s conservative Blaze media, revisionist history can be a comfort […]

We need 76ers-Nets playoff matchup so Embiid can troll Durant

Keep on trollin’, babyImage: AP We need a Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets series in the postseason. For the trolling, if not the talent. These teams squared off Wednesday night […]

The best games on the NBA schedule the week of January 23

The NBA schedule this week is a barn burner.Image: Getty Images Don’t let anyone tell you the NBA schedule during the regular season is a poor entertainment product. Of course, […]

NBA schedule Warriors Lakers Celtics Mavericks Nets 76ers Kings

Image: Getty Images Of course, a single game does not impact a team’s overall record the same way that it does an NFL team. In the NBA, teams play multiple […]

Nic Claxton is big reason why the Nets have played well lately

Nic ClaxtonPhoto: Getty Images Thursday night’s playoff rematch between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets will be like many big-time NBA regular-season matchups — incomplete. Kevin Durant is currently out […]