Phil Mickelson’s transformation into Shooter McGavin is almost complete

Villain Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore (left) and Phil Milckelson.Screenshot: Getty No wonder Phil Mickelson has been hiding out in Dagobah — or is it Elba? Golf’s second-biggest name, who […]

Gary Player wants you to know that Phil Mickelson is ‘being crucified’

UghImage: Getty Images I debated between a Lethal Weapon 2 “Diplomatic immunity” joke and a “Maybe we should stop bringing the kids around grandpa” barb to start this story about […]

President Biden considering diplomatic boycott of China Olympics

This is not your uncle’s Olympic boycott that Joe Biden is talking about.Illustration: Getty/Shutterstock When politics and sports collide, people tend to lose their shit. “This is supposed to be […]