Lakers-Warriors Game 4 doubled as a West Coast DJ set

It is a shame that TNT has the Eastern Conference Finals this season. I have enjoyed New Edition at halftime during the Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers second-round matchup, and […]

Lakers trade Russell Westbrook for D’Angelo Russell, others

The Los Angeles Lakers are trading Russell Westbrook.Image: Getty Images Look at the Los Angeles Lakers. After years of flicking away rotation players and first-round draft picks like doughnut crumbs, […]

Los Angeles Lakers finally win game, defeating Denver Nuggets

Okay, LeBron. We see you.Image: Getty Images We, the American people, have had a lot of fun at the Los Angeles Lakers’ expense for most of 2022. LeBron James missed […]

Let’s hope this version of the Knicks lasts longer than ‘Bing bong!’

Photo: Getty Images If you were wondering how the Portland Trail Blazer star is doing in his return from surgery to repair a nagging ab injury that prematurely ended his […]