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Image: Getty Images Projected 2023 Payroll: Not nearly enough Notable Free Agents: Willson Contreras (pictured above), Drew Smyly Could they use Aaron Judge?: Absofuckinglutely, but the Ricketts would worry about […]

No active NBA athletes condemning Kyrie Irving, antisemitism

Is Kyrie truly sorry, or sorry that he got suspended?Image: Getty Images It was one of the rare beautiful things about 2020. It’s a shame it took an event as […]

How has Kyrie Irving not been suspended by the NBA?

Several courtside fans wore “Fight Antisemitism” shirts Image: AP Is it just me, or is it kind of wild that Kyrie Irving didn’t even get a game reprieve for tweeting […]

Kanye West, Herschel Walker, Antonio Brown

2. Antonio Brown Illustration: Getty Images Antonio Brown went full Deshaun Watson at a hotel pool in the United Arab Emirates this past May, but news of his inappropriate shenanigans […]