Eric Bieniemy presser shows why he should be an NFL head coach

Eric Bieniemy talks after being introduced as the new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Washington Commanders on Feb. 23, 2023.Photo: Luis M. Alvarez (AP) Answering the question […]

QBs who have to prove their worth

Image: AP One of the biggest stories to come out of a very eventful New York Giants season was the emergence of Daniel Jones. Jones went from not having his […]

Cincinnati Bengals’ success due to players or Zac Taylor?

Zac TaylorImage: AP Determining an NFL head coach’s value is difficult as hell. Sometimes it’s easy, like with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer, or the New York Giants and […]

Byron Leftwich should have taken Jacksonville Jaguars HC job

Image: AP Not long ago, former NFL QB Byron Leftwich was a hot-shot coaching candidate du jour. Last offseason, the moribund Jacksonville Jaguars — the team that drafted him — […]

Kyle Shanahan Nick Sirianni Coach of the Year over Brian Daboll

Brian DabollImage: Getty Images The biggest lies in human history are as follows: 1) “Just tell me the truth. I won’t be mad.” 2) “Here’s a giant, wooden horse to […]

Jimbo Fisher now has a creep, a racist, and a bonafide maniac on his coaching staff

Jimbo FisherPhoto: Getty Images After a preseason that featured an explosive back-and-forth with Nick Saban after the Alabama head coach made accusations about cheating and buying players through NIL, Texas […]

Broncos’ Nathaniel Hackett is the latest example of NFL owners getting it wrong with white (and Black) coaches

The Broncos parted ways with Nathaniel Hackett this weekend.Image: Getty Images Have you ever seen that classic gif/meme of the confused woman trying to figure out an equation in her […]

L.A. Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars go for two and win big

Trevor Lawrence had quite a day on Sunday.Image: Getty Images You remember that silly cheer from high school, “Be aggressive, B.E. aggressive?” In football, that only applies to the players. […]

Matt Rhule walks into a buzzsaw at Nebraska

Matt RhulePhoto: Getty Images It’ll be interesting to see if the day ever comes when the hiring of a new coach at Nebraska is met with a cavalier attitude. “Well, […]

Twitter’s Elon Musk impersonating some of sports’ epic flameouts

Would you let this man run your team?Image: Getty Images No one strives for failure. When you first got up on that bike with no training wheels, your goal wasn’t […]