Former Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt threatens to expose university if settlement not met

Jeremy PruittPhoto: Getty Images Complaining about college athletics being crooked is as pointless as bitching about New York streets being dirty. So when yet another “bombshell” is rumored — say […]

NCAA realignments a boon for airlines

Who’s ready for regular-season price gouging? Photo: Getty Images The smart ones are making sure that the staff at their schools have their frequent flier numbers on file. The geniuses […]

Can Notre Dame football stay independent?

Can Notre Dame stay above the fray, or will it be forced to join a superconference?Image: Getty Images In the midst of the largest upheaval in college sports since, well, […]

NIL turns 1

Nick Saban vs. Jimbo Fisher Image: Getty Images In late May, Alabama’s head football coach decided to open his mouth about the business of other schools. It doesn’t sound like […]

USC, UCLA to join the Big Ten

UCLA’s women’s volleyball team would have to travel all over the country to play conference games if UCLA joins the Big Ten.Image: Getty Images Damn. What a day yesterday. Before […]

How Power 5 schools avoid Title IX compliance

There are many more women in college athletics now than at any point in history, but universities are still up to their old tricks to manipulate representation statistics.Photo: Getty Images […]

Believe or not, sports is where Title IX has made the fewest gains since 1972

Title IX passed 50 years ago.Image: Getty Images Title IX turns 50 this month and, although the law is responsible for so much progress, the work is unfinished. The celebrations […]