Supreme Court wades onto the football field for its second absurd ruling of the week

Photo: Getty Images Oh, man. I feel for the American Christian right this week. After the Supreme Court’s decisions on Roe v. Wade, Maine school funding, and a football coach’s […]

Alvin Kamara and Deshaun Watson cases will illustrate absurdity of NFL punishment

Alvin KamaraPhoto: Getty Images New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara could soon know his fate stemming from the fight he was involved in during Pro Bowl weekend in Las […]

Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress was embarrassing [Updated]

Roger Goodell Zooms into Capitol Hill.Photo: AP Ah, if there’s anything that will make you feel the slightest semblance of sympathy for Roger Goodell in this situation, it’s watching him […]

Cleveland’s Deshaun Watson could face ‘significant’ punishment: reports

The NFLPA is prepared to rigorously defend Deshaun Watson if he is punished by the league.Image: Getty Images “Unprecedented” and “significant.” From ProFootballTalk and the Washington Post, these are the […]

Don’t support Gabe Kapler’s protest during the national anthem if you took issue with Colin Kaepernick’s

Giants’ manager Gabe Kapler stands for the national anthem on Memorial Day in Philly.Image: Getty Images Six years ago, a Black football player decided he wasn’t going to stand during […]

Colin Kaepernick may return to the NFL while America asks itself what is it that the police do, exactly

Colin Kaepernick may be back in the NFL at the same time America is learning that cops are not heroes.Image: Getty Images Every revolution begins with a single act of […]

Dan Snyder’s Washington Commanders are a failed state

Dan Snyder is losing support from local politicians for a new stadium deal.Image: Getty Images The Washington Commanders are a crumbling empire. The once thriving franchise has been reduced to […]

NFL owners reportedly trying to oust Washington’s Dan Snyder

Disgustingly Wealthy Bag of Sentient Garbage (l.)Photo: Getty Images They’re talking about it. I guess that’s the best we can expect from the apex predator capitalist group known as the […]

Former Vikings coach Bud Grant wants the NFL to do away with fair catches

Bud Grant yearns for an NFL without the newfangled safety measures.Image: Getty Images Cue the “old man yells at cloud” Simpsons headline — Hall of Fame coach Bud Grant, who […]