I hate saying this as much as anyone, but there’s nothing really wrong with the Maple Leafs

A Leafs fan is like “😮” as the team gets eliminated in seven.Photo: AP They knew. As we said on Thursday night, as soon as Brayden Point stuffed home the […]

Toronto Maple Leafs of brink of blowing another first round series

Auston Matthews and the Leafs face another Game 7.Image: Getty Images Nobody ever tweeted about a Florida Panthers playoff series victory before last night, when Carter Verhaeghe, off a pass […]

Washington Capitals face big questions after fourth-straight first-round exit

Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals went out early once again.Image: Getty Images The Washington Capitals just pissed away their first-round Eastern Conference series against the Florida Panthers. The President’s […]

The Maple Leafs’ ‘All or Nothing’ docuseries is the last thing we need

These towel-twirling Leafs fans will probably be watching.Photo: Getty Images The whole behind-the-scenes docuseries has been a bit played out. Hard Knocks started it, and it came to hockey almost […]

Maple Leafs have been woeful in goal

Jack CampbellPhoto: Getty Images Even though we Chicagoans don’t get a spring — it’s winter until one day somewhere in May when it’s just suddenly summer and we’re all instantly […]

The NHL should have a split season

What exactly, is the point of the NHL insisting on ramming through an intact season?Image: Getty Images The NHL schedule has been jumbled by the league’s latest COVID-19 outbreaks, resulting […]

Fed-up Flyers fans ready to bag the season

Say it ain’t so, Gritty.Illustration: Getty Images If you’re not a part of Flyers Twitter, well, consider yourself lucky. But you did miss fans of the Orange and Black having […]