Is there new hope for Brittney Griner?

Is there new hope for Brittney Griner?Image: Getty Images It appears Russia’s hardline obsession with punishing drug offenders has its limit after all. On Wednesday morning, Russia released a U.S. […]

Staying quiet about Brittney Griner hasn’t worked

Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia for more than two months.Image: Getty Images For the past two months, people around Brittney Griner and the WNBA have been low-key. The […]

Enes Kanter went on Tucker Carlson’s show and he was problematic

Enes Freedom (née Kanter) has taken his talents to Tucker Carlson Tonight.Photo: Getty Images I’m not big on catchphrases, sayings, or, in general, life advice that before Twitter and Instagram […]