Amateur sports at higher ed. U.S. institutions are dead

On Wednesday, the performative set of elected officials who gather in Washington D.C. to raise money and occasionally draft legislation held a meeting to discuss the future of Name, Image […]

2023 Women’s NCAA Tournament overshadowing the men

It’s only been a few short weeks since Outkick’s David Hookstead blamed some non-existent woke-ism manifesto for the placement of women’s college basketball dominating’s front page. A few weeks […]

Ferris State’s Tony Annese suspended for players smoking victory cigars

Ferris State’s Tony Annese finds himself suspended because two of his players smoked cigars in the team’s locker room after a victory. Doesn’t the NCAA have anything better to do?Photo: […]

Charles Barkley’s NCAA Tournament hating is annoying

Every Cinderella story needs a bitter, jaded, elderly hater. Charles Barkley is college basketball’s evil stepmother analog. One of the most maddening staples of every March Madness is TNT loaning […]

Lakers LeBron James found a doctor who cleared him to play

lebronWe’ll refrain from the Rex Ryan jokes. LeBron James returned yesterday to the Lakers…for some reason, to aid the Lakers’ chase to get dog-walked in the first round, at best. […]

Carson Brière, James Reimer show hockey is not for everyone

When millions watched a video of NCAA hockey player Carson Brière pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs, it revealed something. The same can be said for James Reimer’s […]

Players let expletives slip during NCAA Tournament interviews

One of the beauties of college sports is that viewers get to see young people act like young people. Sure the professionals play the game better, but sometimes youthful exuberance […]

The men’s NCAA tourney Sweet 16 storylines to watch

Image: Getty Images Princeton is in the Sweet 16 for the first time since Bill Bradley led the Tigers there in 1967. That’s eight years before Princeton’s current head coach, […]