Jets and Lions battle for NFL offseason preeminence

Zach WilsonPhoto: Getty Images Two teams who had top four picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and still have long histories of imbecilic incompetence are getting loads of love for […]

Big NFL news is hijacking the start of March Madness

Photo: AP The NFL has no chill. Even in the offseason, a league that owns an entire day (Sunday) and dominates weeknights like Monday and Thursday is trying its best […]

Kirk Cousins is not going to be the next Matthew Stafford

Kirk Cousins is not leading your team to a Super Bowl win.Image: Getty Images The Los Angeles Rams had a plan. Gather an elite roster and then trade everything away […]

Justin Fields’ Instagram following really doesn’t matter

Justin Fields has over 1 million IG followers, which means nothing.Image: Getty Images Bears quarterback Justin Fields finished the regular season with a 2-8 record as the team’s starter. He […]

If your holiday season was dampened by your favorite NFL team, buck up, 2022 just might return some holiday cheer

Image: Getty Images The Bears’ problem is not a lack of talent. Their biggest problem in 2020 was offensive-line play. As poorly as that unit played, people still questioned letting […]

Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

Packers/Rams is will go off today in a battle of Matt Stafford vs. Aaron Rodgers.Image: Getty Images If CeeDee Lamb didn’t get hurt leading up to halftime, the column was […]