Here’s why Japanese baseball is light years ahead of MLB

Can you imagine MLB being this fun?Image: AP Major League Baseball is great. As long as no one is complaining about the unwritten rules and Nick Castellanos isn’t at the […]

The Phillies outfield will likely be very bad in 2022

Joe Girardi and the Phillies stand for the anthem at Spring Training.Photo: Getty Images When in the NL East, and having designs on competing to win it, the natural conclusion […]

Kenley Jansen signs with Atlanta as Phillies pick up Nick Castellanos

Rivals of the Mets are spending in an attempt to stay ahead of Steve Cohen. Kenley Jansen signed with the World Champion Braves.Image: Getty Images One of the headline parts […]

Oakland A’s trade Olson to Atlanta Braves, Reds deal Winkler, Suarez

Matt Olson is now with the Braves.Image: Getty Images You know, just for a second there, I thought baseball might give everyone a little time to enjoy the lockout being […]

MLB free agency predictions – who will go where?

1. SS Carlos Correa (Age: 27) Image: Getty Images Projected Contract: 10 years, $320 million Last Contract: 1 year, $11.7 million Former Astros’ shortstop and World Series Champion Carlos Correa […]

Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Clayton Kershaw and much, much more

Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa and Clayton Kershaw have yet to find a team for 2022 season.Image: Getty Images Yes, yes, yes, we’re all excited that baseball is back, but this […]

LaMonte Wade Jr. did not deserve an NL MVP vote

LaMonte Wade Jr. had a nice season, but an MVP candidate he is not.Image: Getty Images Come here. Sit down. Let’s have a talk. I’m not angry, just disappointed. Last […]