IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 3: Kyrie Irving

Illustration: Getty Images Do you know how easy it is to say “I’m sorry!” or that you’re not antisemitic? Apparently, it was a tremendous challenge for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. […]

No active NBA athletes condemning Kyrie Irving, antisemitism

Is Kyrie truly sorry, or sorry that he got suspended?Image: Getty Images It was one of the rare beautiful things about 2020. It’s a shame it took an event as […]

Nets, Kyrie, Anti-Defamation League pledge $1 million in donations

Photo: AP The most important part of the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving’s joint announcement that they’ll partner with the Anti-Defamation League to pledge $1 million total to organizations that […]

Georgia-Florida game features antisemitic message flashed on scoreboard

Screenshot: Twitter/Vic Micolucci @WJXTvic This is exactly why Kanye West’s recent antisemitic interviews are so dangerous. Ye has over 50 million followers on Instagram and Twitter combined. His words carry […]

Jason Whitlock has embraced antisemitism and we’re shocked

Jason WhitlockScreenshot: Promotional In the for-profit universe of attention-whoring, there’s no such thing as bad press. Saying anything to get your name trending and increasing your social-media following is the […]

Sports world should fight back against antisemitism

Kanye WestPhoto: Getty Images Kanye West is an antisemite. And that’s not a controversial statement. Blurting out disgusting and derogatory things about Judaism and Jewish people is a repeated pattern […]