Triple H makes in-ring retirement official

Triple H announces his retirement on First Take.Screenshot: ESPN Triple H announcing his retirement on Friday with Stephen A. Smith was more of a confirmation than a surprise. The dude […]

Wrestler Big E breaks neck during Smackdown, avoids serious injury

Big E suffered a neck injury and is lucky it wasn’t worse.Image: Getty Images Big E is lucky he’s not paralyzed. Look up Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hiromu Takahashi, Hayabusa, […]

WWE’s Royal Rumble was a flaming disaster, literally flaming

Screenshot: WWE You’re not supposed to be able to fuck up the Royal Rumble. Whatever one’s feelings on WWE, and believe me I got ‘em, this is like the one […]

WWE using its talent to propagandize layoffs is gross

Edge’s segment on Monday Night Raw mentioned recent WWE layoffs.Screenshot: WWE/USA WWE’s writers have never had a problem importing strife from real life into its storylines. About the time I […]