Paul Merson and two other experts predict the same score for Manchester United vs West Ham – ORA SPORT MANING

Manchester United continue their Premier League season against the Hammers on Sunday afternoon. It’s a purge from the pundits as Manchester United prepare to continue their Premier League season against […]

Jurgen Klopp left red-faced after ignoring advice against Arsenal – Blessing Sports News

Arsenal beat Liverpool at the Emirates as their midfield thrived against Jurgen Klopp’s new look. Jurgen Klopp was warned that Liverpool would “crack up” if they played a two-man midfield, […]

Luis Suarez ‘approaching’ another transfer just months after emotional return – ORA SPORT MANING

Former Liverpool striker Luis Suárez returned to his childhood club Nacional over the summer but less than three months later he looks ready to move again Luis Suarez is set […]

Steve Bruce recalls Manchester United’s infamous 1990 field fight with Arsenal that sparked rivalry – ORA SPORT MANING

Steve Bruce is also remembered for the pair of headers against Sheffield United in April 1993 that catapulted Manchester United to their first Premier League title. Steve Bruce was all-in […]

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Chelsea is backed by Raheem Sterling’s warning to Manchester City – SELEK SPORT

Paul Merson believes there is a likelihood that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United this summer, with Chelsea being probed about a possible move. Paul Merson thinks Cristiano Ronaldo leaving […]

Manchester United said they picked the wrong midfield transfer and missed the ‘absolute bargain’ – SELEK SPORT

Paul Merson has been talking about the summer transfer window and why Manchester United should have picked Yves Bissouma after Tottenham Hotspur signed the player last month. Manchester United should […]

Roman Abramovich Chelsea owner disqualified as director by Premier League board – GMC ONLINE

Chelsea can now spend up to £900k on match-day costs, up from £500k; club can receive prize money this season; Merson: “If I was Man Utd, I would be all […]

Man Utd shouldn’t take Mauricio Pochettino… Brendan Rodgers would be a better deal. – Sky Sports Breaking News 2021

Paul Merson has advised Manchester United not to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as their next manager. “PSG appointed him to win the Champions League but I’m not sure what’s obsessed with […]