Battle of Alberta vs. Battle of Florida in Stanley Cup playoffs

Connor McDavid (l.) and Matthew TkachukPhoto: Getty Images The second round of the playoffs worked, in part, the way that the NHL dreamed up when it went to this postseason […]

Men like Herschel Walker are coming for my rights and probably yours, too

Herschel WalkerPhoto: Getty Images If you have a young daughter, I feel for you today. She will likely be part of the first group of American women to have fewer […]

Commanders owner Dan Snyder allegedly hid money from other teams

Ugh.Image: Getty Images The three things likely to survive a nuclear holocaust? Keith Richards, cockroaches and Dan Snyder, though at this point it would be impossible to distinguish between the last […]

New York Governor pushing plan to give $1B of public dollars for new stadium in Buffalo

Giving the Pegulas a billion dollars to build a new stadium won’t benefit anyone but the Pegulas.Image: Getty Images One of the great selling points for public money going being […]

Former boxers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko plan to fight for home country Ukraine

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are defending their homeland.Image: Getty Images The scenes coming out of Ukraine are intense, surreal, and incredibly concerning. “World War 3” also trended on Twitter on […]

Ovechkin ‘calls for peace’ but fails to denounce Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Alexander Ovechkin finally speaks to media about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Screenshot: Wasington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin finally addressed the crisis in Ukraine, saying some words in a press conference in Philadelphia […]

Enes Kanter went on Tucker Carlson’s show and he was problematic

Enes Freedom (née Kanter) has taken his talents to Tucker Carlson Tonight.Photo: Getty Images I’m not big on catchphrases, sayings, or, in general, life advice that before Twitter and Instagram […]