The NFL and US Military will not leave Pat Tillman alone

The US Military was on full display during the Super Bowl, and of course, that included using Pat Tillman as a prop.Image: Getty Images The NFL being an official advertising […]

Iranian soccer player Amri Nasr-Azadani may face execution

In surreal sporting news, Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani is apparently facing possible execution for taking part in a protest for basic women’s rights in Isfahan, Iran. The government deemed […]

Herschel Walker is a threat to society

Photo: Getty Images Somewhere between the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6, and the early hours of Wednesday, Dec. 7, we will know the results of another crucial election in Georgia […]

The US midterm elections explained to NFL fans

People actually voted for Herschel Walker?Image: Getty Images U.S. midterm elections are similar to the midpoint of the NFL season in that everyone is under the impression that it’s all […]

‘Darkness, confusion and complete lack of transparency’ – MP condemns City of Birmingham property crisis – ORA SPORT MANING

Shabana Mahmood demands progress from independent football regulator as Blues ‘go from crisis to crisis’ One lawmaker condemned what she called the “obscure and confusing” ownership structure in the city […]