MotoGP Portugal 2023 – Pressured by Honda, Marc Marquez is becoming an expert at using the towing strategy

SPORTMAX.LIVE – Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez, gave his comments after winning the 2023 Portugal MotoGP pole position. MotoGP Portugal 2023 has just completed the qualifying session, Saturday (25/3/2023) where […]

Ahead of the 2023 Portugal MotoGP, Marc Marquez doesn’t want to keep thinking negatively even though he’s concerned about seeing a Honda motorbike

Repsol Honda Team Racer, Marc Marquez. (Photo: MotoGP) Repsol Honda Team racer, Marc Marquez is concerned about his RC213V motorbike which has not improved ahead of the 2023 Portugal MotoGP. […]