It’s still all about Kyrie Irving

IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEPhoto: AP The player-empowerment era has created more avenues for athletes to flex their own team-building ability, but Kyrie Irving’s Saturday media availability during All-Star Weekend touched […]

Vancouver Canucks did Bruce Boudreau dirty in hiring Rick Tocchet

The Vancouver Canucks fired Bruce Boudreau in the most publicly embarrassing way possible.Image: Getty Images For an organization that has spent almost its entire existence accomplishing nothing, the amount of […]

AEW’s Ruby Soho may have overdone it with the blading

Screenshot: AEW Capping off a week of pretty wild wrestling news, I suppose it was somewhat comforting that it ended with a familiar dumbass debate within the industry. Talks of […]

Morocco defeats Spain, Protugal routs Switzerland

Morocco celebrates after win over Spain.Image: Getty Images Oh we got narratives! New ones! Old ones! Tired ones! Exciting ones! If you can find better narratives than here…fuck it! Game […]

Herschel Walker is a threat to society

Photo: Getty Images Somewhere between the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6, and the early hours of Wednesday, Dec. 7, we will know the results of another crucial election in Georgia […]

Herschel Walker Zach Wilson Kyrie Irving Antonio Brown idiots

4. Kyrie Irving Illustration: Getty Images Hopefully, this is the final month that Kyrie Irving earns this “honor.” Make no mistake, he will be on next month’s Idiot of the […]

Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan

Get ready to watch Japan wreck havoc on Group E.Image: AP Let’s be brave. For most, it’s a foregone conclusion that Germany and Spain are going to come out of […]

Every James Bond supervillain’s sports owner counterpart

Image: Getty Images It’s a struggle to get billionaire owners to see themselves as the public views them. When you’re heavily isolated and surrounded by yes men, it’s easy to […]