The most overpaid & underpaid players at every NFL position

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One unanswered question still facing every NFL team in 2022

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Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis has ‘Any Given Sunday’ feel

Life imitates art: Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis (right) feels like the plot to Any Given Sunday.Illustration: Getty “Kid’s breathing down my neck.” That’s a line from Cap Rooney — […]

Ryan Tannehill doesn’t want tp mentor Malik Willis

Ryan Tannehill doesn’t want to help train his replacement.Image: Getty Images The subject of mentorship among veteran quarterbacks is a divisive one. There can only be one starter and there’s […]

Lamar Jackson tweets wtf after Ravens trade Marquise Brown

Quote the Raven … nevermore.Image: Getty Images It’s a widely known fact that Kyrie Irving is delusional. He’s a man of the people while walking among them unvaccinated. He thinks […]

Wide receivers are flying off draft boards and to new teams

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