NBA’s poverty franchises- Brooklyn Nets, Mavericks, Hornets

Image: Getty Images The competitive lifespan of an NBA franchise is delicate. A team’s championship relevance depends on many factors, including the front office’s competence, coaching staff, and the totality […]

Kevin Durant at peace with chaotic Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant says he’s at peace with the Nets.Illustration: Getty Images Kevin Durant most definitely wanted to be traded this past summer. KD had issues with the direction that the […]

The Brooklyn Nets might be giving up on Ben Simmons already

Kevin Durant (left) and Kyrie IrvingPhoto: Getty Images Welp, that could be it, folks. It looks like the Ben Simmons-Brooklyn Nets marriage is already in trouble and needs resuscitation. According […]

Nike suspends relationship with Kyrie Irving, won’t drop new shoe

Nike has severed ties with Kyrie IrvingImage: Getty Images As tired as you are of reading about Kyrie Irving, sports writers are equally as exhausted trying to come up with […]

Kevin Durant was right, Brooklyn Nets needed to fire Steve Nash

Happier times for Steve Nash and Kevin Durant. Kinda.Image: Getty Images As hard as it might be for the masses to admit, Kevin Durant was right. Sure, it felt cold […]