Gold medalist Sunisa Lee targeted in anti-Asian incident

Sunisa Lee captured gold in this summer’s All-Around in Tokyo.Image: Getty Images (TW: Racist language) Olympic All-Around gold medalist Sunisa Lee told Pop Sugar in an interview published on Wednesday […]

ESPN’s Adam Schefter wows us once again with his journalistic integrity

Adam Schefter still isn’t a real journalist.Image: AP The NFL-Adam Schefter Pipeline hit another kink yesterday when the ESPN insider reported on a tip from Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin […]

Mental health is Falcons’ WR Calvin Ridley’s No. 1 priority

He did what he thought was best for him and his team.Illustration: Getty Images Mental health has been a hot-button issue in sports the past few years. Dating back to […]

Donald Trump does the Braves’ ‘chop’ at World Series

Please go home, you dickheadPhoto: Getty Images We’re not going to say that Atlanta is continuing the chop just to cater to racists. But the racists sure seem to like […]

Herschel Walker, critic of absentee fathers, reportedly has children he doesn’t see

Herschel WalkerPhoto: Getty Images Herschel Walker’s proclivity for spewing absolute nonsense is surpassed only by his habitual lying and noxious hypocrisy. Walker has already lied about being his high school […]

Jon Gruden must face actual discipline for racist comments

Jon Gruden would be facing actual consequences if the NFL or Mark Davis’ Raiders cared enough to act on their supposed commitment to inclusion. Photo: Getty Images Another day, another bigot […]

The Ohio GOP would like to ‘inspect’ your daughters’ genitals

Photo: Getty Images Ohio’s ban on trans youth in sports is the epitome of the conservative culture war on the LGBTQ community. Their obsession has reached pathological levels. Last week, […]