Kobayashi was the GOAT of competitive eating

Joey Chestnut (left) and Takeru Kobayashi (right) in 2006.Image: Getty Images In one of the weirder federal holiday traditions in America, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, takes place every Independence […]

NBA All-Star Saturday Night was fun, but slight changes couldn’t hurt

Karl-Anthony Towns celebrates winning the 2022 NBA All-Star – MTN DEW 3-Point Contest as part of the 2022 All-Star Weekend.Image: Getty Images NBA All-Star Saturday Night was a blast this […]

When the NBA Slam Dunk Contest is great, there’s nothing else like it in sports

Obi ToppinPhoto: Getty Images Saturday night was not that. But it was fine. Obi Toppin won, deserved to win, and deserved better than having to answer for the shoddy performance […]