Hurricanes, Stars haven’t thrown in the towel unlike Lakers, C’s

The Stars are at least putting up a fightPhoto: Sam Morris (AP) We could be breaking out the brooms for all four NHL and NBA conference finals. The Denver Nuggets […]

Where will Victor Wembanyama end up?

The no doubt No. 1 pickPhoto: AP Stand on your head for one night because this is when everything gets flipped upside down so the NBA bottom feeders can plant […]

When did the NBA playoffs become the NHL playoffs?

The first round of the NBA playoffs usually isn’t all that good, which doesn’t stop people from complaining about it. The difference between the top seeds and lower seeds is […]

A roundup of pointless NBA playoff gossip

I’ll admit, I am not an NBA expert. However, I am an expert in pointless NBA gossip. With Round 1 underway, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite […]

Spurs HC Gregg Popovich lambasts pols in gun control speech

Before the NBA’s regular season wrapped up, before his San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks in the finale, Gregg Popovich didn’t want to talk about his future. The 74-year-old […]

NFL owners won’t flex TNF games, teams can play more than 1

It’s never a good sign when John Mara, the answer to the question of what would happen if George Will ate paste, is the voice of reason. But that’s where […]

St. Louis City SC having best start ever for MLS expansion club

The pattern of a first-year MLS club is pretty well set by now. Team gets announced, we all joke about the league being a Ponzi scheme (still might be!), they […]