George Karl should have sat out Redick-Perkins First Take drama

George Karl in 2016.Photo: AP George Karl picked the wrong day to go after Kendrick Perkins. On the Tuesday episode of First Take, JJ Redick and Perkins had a discussion […]

JJ Redick, Kendrick Perkins yell about racism, false narratives

UghScreenshot: ESPN JJ Redick looks like he’d rather be receiving a colonoscopy than embracing the debate on First Take. Redick joined ESPN after retirement, riding the success of his podcast […]

Losers of Kyrie sweepstakes (Lakers) are the real winners

Kyrie IrvingImage: AP Kyrie Irving is a basketball monkey paw. His hardwood alchemy can grant your ephemeral wishes on the court, but with dire side effects on your long-term team […]

Lakers are biggest losers in Nets-Mavericks Kyrie Irving trade

Kyrie Irving: still not a LakerPhoto: Getty Images During a season in which league-wide parity has been the overarching theme, the drama-free Dallas Mavericks dove headfirst into unknown depths by […]

Cam Thomas can fill (some of) the Nets’ Kyrie Irving void

Cam ThomasPhoto: AP One man’s trash being another man’s treasure has never meant more than it has in regards to Brooklyn Nets combo guard Cam Thomas. One day after Irving […]

Kyrie Irving has his finger on Brooklyn Nets’ dead man’s switch

“Trade me”Image: Getty Images A dull day with the Brooklyn Nets is merely the calm before a Kyrie Irving storm. On Friday afternoon, the Nets star point guard added another […]

Kyrie Irving wants Brooklyn Nets to trade him before deadline

Image: AP Brooklyn Nets heat magnet and resident conspiracy theorist Kyrie Irving wants the team to deal him elsewhere prior to the NBA trade deadline or he’ll leave as a […]

NBA’s poverty franchises- Brooklyn Nets, Mavericks, Hornets

Image: Getty Images The competitive lifespan of an NBA franchise is delicate. A team’s championship relevance depends on many factors, including the front office’s competence, coaching staff, and the totality […]

Correa to Giants A-Rod to Red Sox other deals that fell through

Photo: Getty Images In a bid to improve their depleted roster in December 2018, the Memphis Grizzlies engaged in trade talks with the Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns. A three-team […]