Record-breaking NIL contract will likely bother NCAA

Photo: Getty Images The NIL landscape has opened up a world of big and small endorsement opportunities that have no tangible connections to college campuses. This deal, the largest NIL […]

College players sue to be classified as school employees

Students out in California are seeking to have D1 football and basketball players declared employees by the NLRB.Image: Getty Images Out west, the students are taking matters into their own hands, […]

Clemson’s Dabo Swinney has another asinine take on college athletics

Dabo Swinney has opinions as jarring as his ridiculous camo pantsPhoto: Getty Images Dabo Swinney, Champion of All Things Amateur, went on a tirade against the current state of the […]

Salary cap for coaches debated after Kelly, Riley signings

Lincoln Riley is smiling because he just got a ton of money.Photo: Getty Images Brian Kelly just left a Notre Dame team in playoff contention for $95 million. Lincoln Riley […]