Wide receivers getting huge paydays in NFL

Cooper Kupp is part of the new breed of high-paid receivers.Image: Getty Images There are currently 12 wide receivers in the NFL with contracts that earn them an average annual […]

Jerry Jones just put Jimmy Johnson in Cowboys’ Ring of Honor already

Memories … like the corners of our minds.Image: AP Less than a year ago, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it sound as if the long-awaited induction of two-time Super […]

The USMNT are focused on the big prize

The USMNT thanks fans after qualifying for Qatar and the World Cup.Image: Getty Images To stay physically and mentally fit with zero setbacks for a grueling, 10-month soccer season is […]

NFL partners with Little Caesar’s pizza

There will be no more Craig Robinson and JuJu Smith-Schuster Super Bowl pizza commercials. Because the NFL feels the need to let the world know that they have an official […]

Dallas Cowboys get dunked on by local weatherman

Got ‘em.Screenshot: WTOK Rooting for the Dallas Cowboys has become an arduous task. Even mentioning the Cowboys and postseason success in the same sentence is oxymoronic in the 21st century. […]

Chief’s head coach Andy Reid does not talk to rookies

Don’t expect Andy Reid to talk to you until at least year two.Image: Getty Images Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is one of the greatest coaches of his […]

To hell with ESPN for trashing Geno Smith as Seahawk teammates praise ‘phenomenal’ performance

It’s so not right.Image: Getty Images Some people watch NFL games, and others just read about them. If you are in the latter category and visited ESPN’s website or saw […]