How much help did Chiefs get from officials against the Bengals?

We feel you, Joe.Image: Getty Images There was no way Sunday’s duo of conference championship games was going to end without a smattering of controversy. It’s just how the NFL […]

Cincinnati Bengals’ success due to players or Zac Taylor?

Zac TaylorImage: AP Determining an NFL head coach’s value is difficult as hell. Sometimes it’s easy, like with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer, or the New York Giants and […]

Fred Warner steps up as leader of 49ers defense

Image: Getty Images Fred Warner’s role as the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive quarterback is to exist as destructive offensive antimatter. Every type of matter in the universe has an antimatter […]

Can the Bills, Eagles, 49ers, or Chiefs get it done?

Behold! The NFL playoffs are upon us.Image: Getty Images The NFL regular season is over. No need for RedZone, or multiple televisions set up in the den to properly enjoy […]

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills beat Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Josh Allen and the Bills are rolling.Illustration: Getty Images While there is no guarantee that the Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl this season, there is no reason to […]