Chicago Bears KR Devin Hester should be a Hall of Famer

A fan sign promoting former NFL player Devin Hester for the Pro Football Hall of Fame during the half of a preseason game between the Chicago Bears and the Cleveland […]

Chelsea and Liverpool have cycled out of the Premier League Big 7

It was only three years ago, in 2020, that Liverpool won the Premier League and were on top of the world.Image: Getty Images There were many distasteful, if not outright […]

Twitter’s Elon Musk impersonating some of sports’ epic flameouts

Would you let this man run your team?Image: Getty Images No one strives for failure. When you first got up on that bike with no training wheels, your goal wasn’t […]

Every James Bond supervillain’s sports owner counterpart

Image: Getty Images It’s a struggle to get billionaire owners to see themselves as the public views them. When you’re heavily isolated and surrounded by yes men, it’s easy to […]