The Bengals drafting Ja’Marr Chase over offensive line is already paying major dividends

Ja’Marr Chase was a high upside pick that worked out for the Bengals.Illustration: Getty Images The Cincinnati Bengals had an important decision to make with the No. 5 overall pick […]

Packers and Saints are trending up in Week 3, Chiefs and Steelers are not

Packers vs. 49ers Image: Getty Images Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams saved the day for the Packers once again. In a great game on Sunday Night, Jimmy Garoppolo took the […]

Titans, Rams, and Raiders impress in Week 2

Raiders vs. Steelers Image: Getty Images The Raiders are legit. Pittsburgh still doesn’t have an offense that strikes fear in you, which made a difference at Heinz Field on Sunday. The […]

Cris Collinsworth bids farewell to Al Michaels

Longtime broadcast duo Al Michaels (l.) and Cris CollinsworthPhoto: Getty Images Cris Collinsworth didn’t need a thread, a notes app, or seven Instagram story slides to bid farewell to his […]

Did Micah Parsons just beat Tyreek Hill in a footrace?

Micah Parsons has a case for being the fastest man in the NFL.Image: Getty Images We never got to see Micah “The Lion” Parsons run an official 40-yard dash. When […]

Zach Ertz is an Eagle and Jason Kelce is a blonde after lost bet

Looking sharp, you two.Illustration: Getty Images There were dozens of rumors involving Julie Ertz’s husband during the 2021 NFL offseason. There was a time where if you’d asked 50 random […]

2018 National Championship Game, then and now

Image: Getty Images, Getty Images It’s been four years since that classic national championship between Georgia and Alabama. A lot has changed in that full recruiting cycle since true freshman […]

Who’s the 2021 NFL MVP? Brady, Rodgers, Samuel, Taylor or Kupp?

Image: Getty Images I know at Deadspin we have taken Aaron Rodgers to task, and rightfully so might I add. His stance on COVID-19 as a public figure is dangerous, […]

If your holiday season was dampened by your favorite NFL team, buck up, 2022 just might return some holiday cheer

Image: Getty Images The Bears’ problem is not a lack of talent. Their biggest problem in 2020 was offensive-line play. As poorly as that unit played, people still questioned letting […]