Christian Pulisic’s dad is every U.S. soccer fan right now

When will we see you again?Image: Getty Images Christian Pulisic is the closest thing to he who was promised for American soccer fans who have been pining for a legitimate […]

Lost in Liverpool’s pursuit of a quad is Man City’s potential treble

Kevin De Bruyne is the kind of player who infuses effortlessness with brilliance.Image: Getty Images With Tiger Woods falling out of contention and Sunday at Augusta turning into a sleepy […]

Enes Freedom isn’t on an NBA team because he’s bad at basketball

The funny thing about free markets is teams don’t have to pay you if you suck.Image: AP I’m going to make this quick because there is far too much ink […]

Man City is running away with the Premier League title, so what can the rest of the EPL teams still win?

Alexis SanchezImage: Getty Images Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and (of course) Man City are all alive and in the round of 16, which starts in about a month (Feb. 16). […]

Changing the World Cup to every two years could (but won’t) help soccer’s have-nots

If the World Cup runs every two years, it will cease to be as special.Image: Getty Images Changing the World Cup to a biennial event is an awful idea. That’s […]

Madden NFL paved the path for other video game sports franchises

Where would the world of sports e-gaming be without the Madden franchise?Image: Getty Images When you think of video games and sports, you think of John Madden. (Thank god this […]

Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp argues against shutting down English Premier League

Klopp is kinda right.Image: Getty Images With seemingly every major sports league in “This is fine” mode, the prevailing logic on how to calm the spread of the virus is […]