Denmark’s new uniforms protest World Cup that ‘cost thousands of lives’ – ORA SPORT MANING

Hummel explained why the white chevrons were removed from the house kit with the third change banner in black being a nod to mourning the lives lost among migrant workers. […]

EFL outlines financial demands for Premier League clubs to rule out FA Cup replays – ORA SPORT MANING

With English Premier League clubs’ match schedules increasingly congested, there are calls to scrap replays in the country’s premier Cup competition. EFL clubs will “resist” the Premier League’s attempts to […]

The Queen’s Hilarious Reason To Choose Her Favorite Footballer And Scorn David Beckham – ORA SPORT MANING

The Queen has given a peculiar reason for naming her favorite footballer, having chosen to bypass former England captain and Manchester United legend David Beckham. The Queen previously selected former […]

The FA and Premier League urged to take action against gender-based violence – GMC ONLINE

“Football players and the teams they play for have a unique position in shaping the attitudes of boys and men,” The FA and Premier League have received an open letter […]