Is it finally winning time for Philadelphia 7ers?

Is “the process” finally worthy of being trusted?Image: Getty Images On Saturday, the 76ers began the postseason by breezing past the Toronto Raptors with a ho-hum 131-111 drubbing. The 2022 […]

So what will MLS do about its TV ratings?

Do you know what channel your favorite MLS team is on?Image: Getty Images When setting up for the current MLS season, which started the last weekend of February, one of […]

College hoops head coaches who replaced legends

Former Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and new head coach Jon Scheyer look on during the first half against the Cal State Fullerton Titans in the first round game of […]

Shaheen Holloway is the 2022 March Madness Champ

This year’s March Madness breakout star: Shaheen Holloway.Image: Getty Images If Duke, UNC, Kansas or Villanova are going to win another national title, we have to celebrate something besides another […]

Duke-North Carolina at the Final Four is already one for the ages

Mike Krzyzewski is going out with a bang.Photo: Getty Images It’s already an instant classic and the ball won’t be tipped for four more days. The greatest rivalry in college […]

St. Peter’s run is already one of the greatest in NCAA tournament history

The Peacocks are still alive in the NCAA Tournament.Image: Getty Images There have been six double-digit seeds to make the Final Four, and St. Peter’s – after a third straight […]

Wild finish in CCHA Championship game

It ain’t over till it’s over.Screenshot: Twitter: @BSUBeaversMHKY You and I have probably been spending the last week the same way, staring at our monitors watching St. Peter’s destroy any […]

The people who wanted Juwan Howard and Penny Hardaway fired a few months ago… where’d they go?

Juwan Howard (l.) and Penny HardawayPhoto: Getty Images What started with a press conference and a “postgame scuffle” has turned into predictable praise. Because when you win, people conveniently forget […]