Sixers’ Joel Embiid was right about losing to Boston

Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić are starkly different people. Yes, they are MVP centers who were not raised in America, but the similarities largely stop there. One player is from […]

The NBA Playoffs are Anthony Davis’ world and Golden State is just living in it

On an early defensive possession in the Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 3 victory, Steph Curry turned on the jets along the baseline and left Jarred Vanderbilt eating dust on a […]

Fans in Atlanta have to wait another day to see Janet Jackson

The Atlanta Hawks Game 5 escapade in Boston has forced the delay of a Janet Jackson concert that was supposed to take place at State Farm Arena on Thursday night. […]

LeBron James turns back the clock, gives Lakers 3-1 series lead

It was a 30 and over night on Monday during the NBA Playoffs. For those who didn’t burn “Many Men” onto a blank CD, and dance with a crush to […]

When did the NBA playoffs become the NHL playoffs?

The first round of the NBA playoffs usually isn’t all that good, which doesn’t stop people from complaining about it. The difference between the top seeds and lower seeds is […]

Giannis will play for Bucks, hopefully save us all from Heat victory

Please, please, please make a triumphant return tonight.Photo: AP My favorite part of the NBA playoffs is certainly not riding the highs and lows of the Jimmy Butler experience. As […]

A roundup of pointless NBA playoff gossip

I’ll admit, I am not an NBA expert. However, I am an expert in pointless NBA gossip. With Round 1 underway, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite […]