St. John’s reportedly set to hire Rick Pitino as head coach

The last three decades have turned the St. John’s men’s basketball program from one of the most sacred brands in collegiate sports to an indifferent sigh. The Red Storm try […]

Penn State’s Aaron Brooks attacks Islam after NCAA wrestling win

Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks could have been another heartwarming story. He’d just won his third consecutive national title in the 184-pound division, he’s a devoted Christian and is brolic […]

Howard University makes second-ever NCAA Tournament

Colorado, you can have Deion Sanders. I hope he enjoys Boulder which he claims has “no crime,” and I hope the university enjoys him until he moves on to a […]

NBA schedule action for the week of March 13, 2023

It’s weird for us to see the Kings featured, too. Image: Getty Images This week is the first of the NCAA basketball tournaments, and freak injuries have befallen both Kevin […]

Teams that won national titles since the Big Ten’s last victory

Illustration: Getty Images Facebook hadn’t been invented yet, Zion Williamson didn’t exist, Mad Cow Disease was the “pandemic” of the time, and Y2K is what so many thought would be […]

David Thompson, not Michael Jordan, is college basketball’s best shooter

David Thompson and his NC State teammates after knocking out Bill Walton and UCLA for a national championship in 1974.Photo: Getty Images What do Michael Jordan, JJ Redick, Jerry West, […]