What’s next for the U,S, men’s soccer team?

Image: Getty Images You know it’s over when your star midfielder is showing up courtside at Miami Heat games. Or the rumors of contract talks with the manager are heating […]

Morocco defeats Spain, Protugal routs Switzerland

Morocco celebrates after win over Spain.Image: Getty Images Oh we got narratives! New ones! Old ones! Tired ones! Exciting ones! If you can find better narratives than here…fuck it! Game […]

Brazil beats Korea, Croatia beats Japan

NeymarPhoto: Getty Images Brazil finally become all they can be, and Croatia do their thing of refusing to end a match in 90 minutes. They must really like each other! […]

USMNT’s Gregg Berhalter deserves a lot of credit… and the exit door

Is the USMNT in need of a new manager to get over the hump?Image: Getty Images At the top, we should refresh the list of things Gregg Berhalter can’t help. […]

Netherlands defeats the USMNT 3-1 in knockout round

The USMNT came up short against the DutchImage: Getty Images How far do moral victories and actual losses go for the United States men’s national team? After failing to defeat […]

Christian Pulisic puts body on the line in USMNT win

“I didn’t get hit in the balls.”Image: Getty Images Christian Pulisic put it all on the line to score his first World Cup goal. His body did the work with […]

Japan goes on, Germany and Belgium go home

Japan is through to the knockout stage after winning a group that included Spain and Germany. No, that’s not a typo.Image: Getty Images Japan, Germany, Belgium all accomplished the absurd […]

Qatar eliminated by Holland, England shuts out Wales

Senegal and Ecuador put on a show,Image: Getty Images And this is where the plot thickens. For the next four days, teams will move on, teams will meet the sword, […]

U.S. beats England, 0-0

Image: Getty Images What psychopath called the long-awaited United States men’s national team’s Black Friday showdown against England a scoreless draw? I’ll have whatever you’re drinking. After gaining my bearings […]

Saudi Arabia beats Argentina, France beats Australia

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLImage: Getty Images Saudi Arabia manager Herve Renard might be the most handsome manager at this tournament, and he certainly didn’t have a problem taking a page from another handsome […]