Taylor Heinicke kinda looks like a young Tony Romo

Do you see what I see?Image: Getty Images Taylor Heinicke will make it hard for the Washington Football team to hand the starting position back over to Ryan Fitzpatrick once […]

Former NFL player Danny Woodhead is one qualifier away from making the U.S. Open

Danny Woodhead has transitioned to a golf career just four years removed from being in the NFL.Image: AP I find it equal parts awe-inspiring and maddening when an athlete can […]

Tom Brady isn’t as likable as FOX thinks

Tom BradyPhoto: Getty Images Very few sane fans tune into Sunday afternoon NFL broadcasts regularly to see or hear their favorite announcers — except for Cris Collinsworth’s slide-in intro. The […]

Poor Tyrod Taylor is injured again

Davis Mills is set to breakout after replacing Tyrod Taylor (inset) at QB. Everyone else does.Image: Getty Images Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Justin Herbert. What do all these guys have […]

The super-paid NFL TV analysts all have one thing in common: None Are Black

The TV faces of football: Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and Drew Brees.Image: Getty Images The only thing more ridiculous than the money TV networks are throwing at guys to be […]

Broadcaster Troy Aikman expected to join ESPN

Aikman to ESPN?Image: Getty Images Maybe Troy Aikman was more peeved about not calling the Dallas Cowboys Wild Card Game last month than we initially thought? Per the New York […]

Will Sean McVay move to the broadcast booth if he wins the Super Bowl?

Image: Getty Images Sean McVay is regarded as one of the best head coaches in the NFL. His offensive mind is second only to the defensive genius of Bill Belichick, […]

Draymond Green to join ‘Inside the NBA’ on TNT while still an active player

You know Draymond will have plenty to say.Image: Getty Images Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green really tapped into something a couple of years ago during his war of words […]

John Madden’s legacy is something different to multiple generations of fans

What John Madden means to you probably depends on when you were born.Image: AP The phrase “once in a generation” seems to be tossed too often, far more often than […]