Thursday Night Football pairs Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow in 2020 BCS Championship rematch, with sideshow Urban Meyer

Round two, now with meddling, in-over-his-head coach.Illustration: Getty Images Some people consider Trevor Lawrence’s Clemson career one of the greatest college careers of all-time. The man never lost a regular-season […]

Fed up NFL fanbases lash out at teams but will it be enough to induce major change?

Clown Out in Jacksonville.Image: Getty Images Sports fanatics are a passionate and loyal bunch of people who tend to defend their teams’ honor to the point of exhaustion. I mean, […]

Jacksonville GM Trent Baalke sets his sights in Vic Fangio as DC

Vic Fangio is reportedly up for a second job without even being fired from his first one, yet.Image: Getty Images Generally, when there’s talk about interest in hiring you as […]