The narcissism of Nets’ Kyrie Irving and NBA anti-vaxxers is inhumane

Stop talking.Illustration: Brooklyn Nets This wasn’t supposed to happen. Quite frankly, it’s mind-boggling that we’re even here. And by here, I mean this moment in which the beginning of the […]

The NWSL has some good Twitter beef

Ashely Sanchez, the first of her name, breaker of ankles and hearts.Image: Getty Images If Drive to Survive on Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that people love the story […]

Civil servant Kyrie Irving probably shouldn’t Google ‘Nets owner-China ties’

Nets owner Joe Tsai has some problems.Image: Getty Images Two of the people not quoted in ESPN’s nearly flawless piece about Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai’s problematic ties to China […]

Stephen A. Smith falls for fake Nets report

Got him!Image: Getty Images Ballsack Sports emerged in late 2021 as a purveyor of satirical headlines and semi-professional graphics that were fleshed out by unsourced quotes. Their juvenile Twitter name […]

Justin Lee Price gets prison for racist tweets at Marcus Rashford

Justice for Marcus Rashford, as a 19-year old UK man will spend six weeks in jail for tweeting racist comments at the footballer.Image: Getty Images On the list of things […]

Women’s March Madness is a step in right direction for NCAA

Photo: Getty Images Welcome to the first ever women’s March Madness! After four decades of playing in the Division I NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA has finally decided to […]

What the hell is going on with Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield sure seems like he’s done with Cleveland.Image: Getty Images The Browns QB might know something that we don’t (in fact, it’s safe to say that he probably knows […]