Vince McMahon does whatever he wants no matter how lazy or gross

Vince McMahonPhoto: Getty Images Unless you’re a complete sycophant, it’s hard to watch WWE regularly. If it wasn’t, would AEW have been able to thrive like it has? Quite frankly, […]

Embattled WWE CEO Vince McMahon in sex scandal

Ugh.Image: Getty Images Vince McMahon’s road back to his seat as World Wrestling Entertainment’s chairman and CEO just got a lot more treacherous thanks to more allegations of hush payments, […]

WWE pushing Liv Morgan, Theory after Money in the Bank wins

TheoryScreenshot: WWE WWE can’t ever get things right, can it? The genuinely great decisions are lumped in with the headscratchers, as was the case on Saturday. One of WWE’s biggest […]

Jack Del Rio, Vince McMahon, and the Supreme Court

1. Supreme Court Illustration: Getty Images If you’ve only recently starting paying attention to the workings of the United States Supreme Court, you could be forgiven for thinking the game […]

Vince McMahon’s TV appearances and lazy booking exemplify all that’s wrong with WWE

Oh, look who it is.Screenshot: USA Of course, “wrong” is a relative term. In any sense that WWE cares about, or its most dedicated fans care about, WWE is as […]

There’s a lot to this WWE Vince McMahon mess

Vince McMahon is turning WWE over to his daughter Stephanie.Image: Getty Images As Wednesday’s bombshell report dropped of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon allegedly having a sexual relationship with […]

Vince McMahon is stepping back as CEO of WWE during probe into hush money allegations

Vince McMahon body slams self.Image: Getty Images Vince McMahon, longtime WWE impresario, is stepping down as chairman and CEO during an investigation into an allegation he paid a former employee […]

Sasha Banks may have been released from her WWE contract

What does the future hold for Sasha Banks?Image: Getty Images Given my history of putting the kibosh on stuff I proclaim, I’m probably putting paid to one of the things […]

Vince McMahon had sexual relationship with WWE staffer, paid $3M hush money, report claims

Not so great for business.Image: Getty Images Payoffs, pal. The figurehead of near-monopolizing professional wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, is under investigation for an alleged $3 million settlement […]