Could MJF join WWE with HHH at the helm?

MJFScreenshot: AEW All Elite Wrestling’s biggest organic star has been off television for 63 days without a peep on when he’ll return. Since his new-age “pipe bomb” promo on the […]

WWE’s Triple H era starts with an encouraging SummerSlam show

Brock Lesnar flips the ring upside down with A GODDAMN TRACTOR.Screenshot: WWE The week leading up to Saturday night’s SummerSlam felt particularly guarded. Most of the stories about the workings […]

Paul “Triple H” Levesque is now the head of creative for WWE

Triple HPhoto: Getty Images It was a familiar refrain, somewhere around 2016 or 2017, when the Black N’ Gold version of NXT was arguably at its zenith, and arguably the […]

Vince McMahon’s departure not a true retirement

Vince McMahonPhoto: Getty Images Stop calling it a retirement. Without the details of alleged hush payments skyrocketing well beyond $12 million to keep various women quiet, now-former WWE Chairman and […]

Vince McMahon is an actual American story

Vince McMahon in his final WWE Raw on-camera appearance.Screenshot: WWE As the eulogies for Vince McMahon’s career pile up in the wake of his not-in-any-way-forced retirement on Friday, they follow […]