Kevin Durant asks Brooklyn Nets to trade him

Where’s KD’s next stop?Image: Getty Images Just when you thought the 2022 free agency period was going to be an Ambien pill, the Brooklyn Nets soap opera returned to inject […]

How Power 5 schools avoid Title IX compliance

There are many more women in college athletics now than at any point in history, but universities are still up to their old tricks to manipulate representation statistics.Photo: Getty Images […]

To hell with ESPN for trashing Geno Smith as Seahawk teammates praise ‘phenomenal’ performance

It’s so not right.Image: Getty Images Some people watch NFL games, and others just read about them. If you are in the latter category and visited ESPN’s website or saw […]

The bumbling idiots of May

4. Mavericks fan Illustration: Getty Images The relationship between NBA players and fans has been tested repeatedly over the past couple of years. A Dallas Mavericks fan took it to […]

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to offer cheaper prescription drugs to Americans

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be offering cheaper prescriptions to Americans.Image: Getty Images When universal health care fails to pass in Congress, there’s always Mark Cuban to fall back […]

Blazers need to trade CJ McCollum to turn this season around

Is it time for Portland to part ways with CJ McCollum?Image: Getty Images It’s far from all CJ McCollum’s fault the Portland Trail Blazers are struggling, and currently the 10th […]

Neil Olshey is the latest problematic NBA exec and scandal could be a break for Portland fans

Neil Oshey is reportedly under investigation for creating a toxic workplace.Illustration: Getty Images Christmas might have come early for Portland Trail Blazer fans, as team president Neil Olshey is being […]