Chad Johnson gives pro athletes a crash course in frugality

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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson
Photo: AP

“Frugal” would be one word to describe Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson during his playing career in the NFL. During a recent sit-down interview with Shannon Sharpe on his “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Johnson revealed his secret to holding onto most of his earnings from football.

So, Johnson, a former NFL star, isn’t above flying Spirit airlines and wore fake jewelry during his days in the league. This is something every professional or potential pro athlete needs to hear. Regular people working 9-5 jobs claim they won’t fly Spirit. This is certainly advice athletes making millions per year should consider.

Instead of wearing jewelry that costs thousands and flying private planes, it’s ok to save a little bit of that money. Indeed, there are some things Johnson splurges on, like vacations, and he probably has a nice car or two in his garage. But not feeling the need to stunt every minute of every day like many pro athletes is smart.

Don’t give in to the pressure

Ochocinco mentions how it’s hard to always uphold that persona for multiple years. It’s hard and expensive. And what’s the point? Most players will never make as much money as when playing their chosen pro sport, especially NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL players. To spend it all frivolously before retiring is senseless, but it happens far too often.

Most of these players run through a majority of what they earn within five years of retirement. We all know that story; although this generation of players seems to be doing a little better with their money, some end up near broke before turning 40. Obviously, Johnson was thinking ahead about his future and took measures to ensure he didn’t end up on a documentary for squandering all his money.

Being the flyest doesn’t always mean you’ve spent the most money. Confidence shouldn’t be based on how much your watch or shoes cost. Swag is what you make it out to be. Johnson’s flex is knowing he has the money but also having the discipline not to flaunt it all the time. Working hard and buying nice lavish things is great, but that shouldn’t define a person. High-level college athletes should also be paying attention to this in preparation for the life some could lead soon.

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