Channel Nine vs Fox Sports

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Every weekend when we watch the latest NRL matches we are afforded the luxury of having Channel Nine and Fox Sports compete for ratings and supremacy.

Well today they are going head-to-head in a hypothetical rugby league match.

Yes, there will players out of position but I had to in order to make a team.

Fox Sports

1. Greg Alexander
Brandy is the cool and level one in the commentary box, always seems to say the right thing. He even tries his best to remain objective during Panthers games.

2. Benji Marshall
A weekly guest analyst on NRL 360, Marshall gives the players’ perspective and knows how to dodge tough questions while still giving you information – a real skill.

3. Laurie Daley
The TAB representative who gives betting odds for upcoming games, Daley has people on the edge of their seats awaiting for his weekly sporting special odds called “Lozza’s Lock” (so much for a lock when it loses most of the time).

4. Mal Meninga
In between being Australian coach, Gold Coast Titans head of culture (yeah that’s a position) and seemingly continuing to be Queensland coach, Meninga fits in appearances on Fox Sports.

5. Paul Kent
Parramatta legend Kent had an incredible career, a grand total on one first-grade game. He tells it how it, gets angry, makes many valid points, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind as co-host of NRL 360.

6. Matty Johns
The less talented but smarter Johns brother, Matthew has a great ability to talk footy and mix in comedy nicely.

7. Cooper Cronk
Part of the coaching staff for both Roosters and Storm, he comes off a bit too serious but his footy smarts are clear and he gives you greater understanding of attacking formations. His level professionalism from playing translates to the screen.

Cooper Cronk of Australia waves goodbye to the crowd

(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

8. James Graham
Do they speak English in England? Seriously I can’t understand what he is saying.

9. Benny Elias
Makes fortnightly appearances as a passionate and entertaining figure who never can go a segment without praising his nephew, Mitchell Moses.

10. Bryan Fletcher
There is nothing he won’t do to get some laughs from making a fool of himself or asking hard-hitting questions in interviews. Fletcher and his pinkie are really one of the stars of Fox Sports and the rare moment he is serious I am actually surprised he sounds smart.

11. Nathan Hindmarsh
You know Nathan Hindmarsh has never won a Premiership and doesn’t own a grand final ring? Well you would have known that if you watch him on Fox Sports, this same joke only has been repeated 1037 times (yes I was counting).

12. Gorden Tallis
The guy with 1000 jokes, none of which are funny, Gordy isn’t afraid of rattling a few cages with his views and complements the quartet on the Matty Johns Show.

13. Corey Parker
Sideline commentator who has really come on in the last few months, when NRL relocated all games to Queensland. Parker has a good sense of the game and relays that well.

Bench: Braith Anasta, Michael Ennis, Mark Carroll, Steve Roach

Channel Nine

1. Darren Lockyer
If he isn’t slipping while taking goal kicks and getting his suit dirty in the process, Lockyer is using his mellow voice as sideline contributor.

2. Billy Slater
Can see why he is favourite to be Queensland next head coach, Slater expresses his deep understanding of the game.

3. Sonny Bill Williams
Having recently taking the plunge into media, SBW brings a great sense of coolness to the panel.

Sonny Bill Williams smiles

(Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

4. Brad Fittler
Has toned down the wacky side ever since getting the NSW job and has great insight into younger players coming up.

5. Joel Caine
The Sportsbet rep whose ‘try-scoring bingo’ never really pans out, Caine is never short of finding exotic ways for people to blow their money.

6. Johnathan Thurston
Known for his famous laugh, JT has really improved in bringing up tidbits of information during games.

7. Andrew Johns
Johns is great at picking up subtle plays and movements in kicking and passing that most of us miss. Can sound both crazy and smart during a broadcast.

8. Paul Gallen
He really enjoys stirring people up, especially Queenslanders. His uncompromising approach is either loved or loathed and on 100% Footy he is one of the only few men who dare to challenge Phil Gould.

9. Cameron Smith
NRL player turned ref turned rugby league commentator, Smith has made a strong start to a career in media and I make an effort to listen on his takes as his vast knowledge is evident.

10. Paul Vautin
The long-term host of The Footy Show has a lesser role these days but is not afraid to crack a crude joke from time to time. Although he struggles to be impartial while commentating Origin matches, ‘Fatty’ is one of the greats of sports media.

11. Sam Thaiday
Slammin’ Sam is a sideline commentator for games and brings a comedic element at times, especially with his interviews with players, which are less than unorthodox.

12. Phil Gould
The Bunker’s No.1 fan, NRL judiciary advocate ‘Gus’ has no issue speaking his mind, even if he is in the minority. He has decades of experience in different roles in the game and has had success, so does know a thing or two. Even though he may get too carried away when his Panthers play, Gus knows what is best for the game.

13. Wally Lewis
The King has spent time as NRL analyst and sports reporter, and is always great to see during Origin time.

Bench: Peter Sterling, Andrew Webster, Ray Warren, Tony Chalmers.

Who do you think will win? Are there any changes I could make?

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