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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that Pulisic will miss the UEFA Champions League this week, with an ankle injury sustained while playing for the United States in September preventing him from returning.

Tuhel, 23, said Pulisic was “really suffering” and that the United States was “not recovering” internationally.
Pulisic was injured in a 4-1 victory over the United States in Honduras on September 8. More than a month later, it is unclear when he will return.
At one point, there was positive progress in his recovery, but there was a setback that left Pulisic aside. Tuchel asked reporters for more information ahead of the Champions League match against Malmo in the middle of the week.

“There’s nothing to worry about because the details are being hidden. I can’t say all the details because I’m not a doctor, but he’s back for a while because of the pain.

“It’s not a serious injury,” he said. It’s just ankle pain that worries him. Once these players move as fast as Christian, they feel this pain and don’t heal unless they are free to move.
“You start all over again, you start all over again, you reach a certain level, and the pain comes back. You need to take a little break and start all over again.

“So we’re very close right now. He was very close when he came to the team training last week and he retreated a little bit and reacted. There’s nothing serious. We’re going from there.

“He’s really impatient, of course, he does everything, we can see him suffering at every meeting and every time we meet here [on the training ground] he really suffers and wants to be on the field and help us. Everyone is doing their best. “Unfortunately, the injury takes time.”

Pulisic’s game against Chelsea in the 2021-22 season
Pulisic has made just two appearances for Chelsea since the start of the 2021-22 season: one in the Premier League and the other in the UEFA Super Cup.

The only game in the league came at the start of the Premier League season, when he scored in a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace on 14 August, but was ruled out by the Blues after he was replaced eight minutes later by Kai Hawertz. .
He missed two games in August due to COVID-19 before taking up an international role at USMNT in September. He played in the United States in the September window and suffered an ankle injury in Honduras, so he had to miss every game at Chelsea.

He missed eight games due to injury, and Tuchel did not say when the Americans would be called back.

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